Some Gadgets You Can Control With Mind

gadget that you can control with mind


You had only seen in Hollywood movies that a scientist wears freaky-looking headsets and gadgets which read his mind. He could then control objects. Let us tell you, it’s not in science-fiction movies anymore. Such headsets are real now.

Prius bike

Prius by Deeplocal

Parlee and Deeplocal created a bike that actually allows its rider to shift gears using only his/her thoughts. The custom helmet has sensors which will detect brain signals and communicate with the bike.

It is also equipped with an iPhone app which detects rider’s

  • Hear rate
  • Speed
  • Cadence

The bike; however, will not be available in the market anytime soon. Maybe after 10 years, it will be.


Emotive EPOCEmotiv EPOC

Emotiv EPOC is made by Emotiv systems, an Australia-based company. The company develops brain-computer interfaces based on electroencephalography technology (EEG).

With EPOC you can control keyboard and mouse pointer on a computer or on a laptop. Emotiv EPOC has a gyroscope in the headpiece. The gyroscope helps you to move the mouse cursor by moving your head.

The headset needs training before use so that it can detect your brain signals and interpret what actually you want to do. Emotiv EPOC can also be used to play games – Cool, isn’t it. A few games are available on Emotiv’s website to play with EPOC. One of them is Emotipong which is a regular old pong.




This is one of my favourites. BrainDriver is actually a project conceived by German professor Paul Rojas. It utilizes the power features of the Emotiv EEG headset.

This means that you can control the car’s movements with your thoughts only.This will prove a blessing for handicapped and special people. This is the reason why I like this.

Mind Controlled Lights by Philips

Mind-controlled Lights

The dutch-giant Philips developed a lighting system which can turn on and off light with thoughts only. This is another blessing for paralyzed people.

The person wears a headset which reads brain signals  It then connects to a tablet computer that transmits lighting commands to the Philips Hue lighting control system. The control system turns light on or off and adjusts brightness &colourss of LED lights.



Created by a Toronto-based company called InteraXon, MUSE can relax your brain in a stressful and overwhelmed day. The headband has sensors to measure and track your brain activity.

It works with an accompanying mobile app called Calm to train your mind to be more focused and calm.

DARPA Prosthetic Arm

DARPA Prosthetic Arm

This is another favourite gadget of mine. This gadget is an example of the benefits technology can bring to humans. DARPA’s Prosthetic Arm is a blessing for those who can’t lift anything because they don’t have any limb.

Fired up by brain cells, the prosthetic arm can be controlled with the mind. This makes carrying out regular activities easy.

Orbit Helicopter

Orbit helicopter

You can control this little gadget by Puzzlebox with your brain using an EEG headset, like Nuerosky MindWave headset. Just relax, concentrate and make that baby fly in the air.



Its source code, hardware schematics, 3D models, and the step-by-step hacking instructions are published freely online.

Final Words:

The gadgets are great, but each one comes with a unique ‘headset’. This means that for every activity, I need to wear a separate headset. Wear the Emotiv EPOC when working on a computer. And when stressed up and want to relax, put it off and put on the MUSE headset! Anyway, these were some gadgets – in baby stages – you can use to control physical objects.


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