Three Gadgets You Can’t Wait To Own!

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This year some awesome gadgets were introduced which can pop a man’s eyeballs coming from just ten years in the past. From the self-balancing scooter to the Google’s self-driving car, we have a list of some of some of the top gadgets in 2015.

L16 Camera

Love cameras? Introduced by a company called ‘Light’, this camera is all=different from the cameras we are in habit of

The phone with 16 cameras: the L16

using. From the most modern to the most traditional and basic cameras of this age are nothing more than

a rectangular frame

with a lens and a button. However, this camera is different in that it has 16 cameras in one body at the same time.

The L16 takes the information from images taken from 10 lenses and computationally blend them into one high-resolution image up to 52 megapixels. Light claims that the camera will solve two problems in digital photography: taking images in low light and reducing image noice.

Samsung 16TB SSD

Samsung 16TB SSD

Until now only mainframe computers had storage spaces up to several TeraBytes, but not now. Because Samsung has introduced world biggest SSD hard drives in terms storage ever made. The hard drive can hold 16 TeraBytes of data – 1 Petabytes = 1024 Gigabytes and 16TB = 16384 GB.


Self-balancing scootersSelf-balancing scooters

For me, this is the gadget of the decade. This board, as the name suggests, balances itself and more backwards or forward only by thinking. To move forward, just think and it will. They were everywhere when Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa were spotted zipping around these scooters. However, legal issue surrounds the device, especially in Britain where the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) held it “illegal to ride”

According to the CPS, the self-balancing scooters are

“too unsafe to ride on the road, but too dangerous to ride on the pavement, according to legislation. As a result, they are only legal to use on land that is private property, and only with the landowner’s permission.”

Which of these Gadgets you can’t wait to make yours? Tell us in the comments below!


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