3 Of The Best Car Racing Games On Android You Gotta Play.


Three awesome android car racing games reckless racing, furious racing, and beach buggy blitz.

We bring you three of the best car racing games you can download on Google Play.

Reckless Racing 3

Downloads: 50 thousands

Rating: 4.3 (6979 votes; 5-stars 4,284)

Price: PKR293

You’ll love this 3D game enough to play again and again. With a superb 3D engine and an isometric view – view from the ground up – you’ll battle hard to keep your car on the track.

Reckless Racing 3 has four controls: two to move forward and to reverse and two to turn left and right. It may look similar to many other games which provide similar controls.

Furious Racing

Downloads: 10 Million

Size: 46.28MB

Rating: 4.1 (113,569 votes; 5-stars 69,965)

Price: Free

Running in a landscape mode, the game offers great 3D graphics experience. I personally loved the graphics and the audio effects are decent too.

The game comes with 3 control options.

  1. A two-button control panel. One to accelerate and the other to reverse. Rotate your mobile – as in many other racing games – to move eft or right.
  2. A four-button control panel: two buttons to turn left & right and two to accelerate & reverse.
  3. A steering wheel with buttons to accelerate and to reverse.

If you’re playing such a game for the first time, I warn you, you may find controlling the car very painful. The roads are full of turns and twirls and the cars are ready to slide. But, if you’re really into playing racing games then you’re gonna love this one.

Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz

Downloads: 10 Million

Size: 46.28MB

Rating: 4.2 (449,721 votes; 5-stars 274,350)

Price: Free

This is no doubt the best car racing game on android. Beach buggy blitz offers great game experience. With cool graphic and sound effects, this game surely worth a play.

You have two control panel options: tilt your mobile to turn and press breaks or use buttons to turn and stop your car. However you decide to control just don’t fall upside down (you’ll never get your car straight) and be quick you’ll run out of time.

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