Adobe Dynamic Video Simpler With This Android App

Good news for you if you are among those who like to play with videos and spend much of their time on their smartphones. Apple’s iOS users had a video editing app they could count on, the Premiere Cllip by Adobe, but not Android’s users. However, Android users can enjoy the app too because Adobe has launched its first video editor, Premiere Clip, on the Google’s Platform. It’s available to download at the Google Play.

The app is a little heavy with 45MB, and is free to use.  But you’ll have to register (or sign in if you’re already registered) for an account with adobe first to begin using the app.

You can argue that there are plenty of video editing apps available on Google Play, and some of them are good, then what so special with Adobe Premiere Clip? It’s from Adobe which has more than a decade’s experience in the field and has developed a brand image based on that experience and can undoubtedly provide superior products.

Premiere Clip is an easy-to-use but surprisingly capable video editor. It lets you assemble clips, put music over them, and adjust their look. You can make a video from your taken photos; change order of the pictures, change the soundtrack or add or delete content. If you want to add your own soundtrack, then no problem, clip will add your choice.

If you don’t want to do much editing yourself, the app can also automatically put together videos and match your clips up to one of the built-in background tracks.

Premiere Clip is an easy-to-use but surprisingly capable video editor.

The most impressive feature of Premiere Clip is its integration with other Adobe apps. For example, if you’ve captured an image using ‘Adobe Capture’ then Clip can pull it in and lets you easily apply custom color grading to those.

About the app, Adobe says on the app’s website, “Making dynamic videos couldn’t be simpler.” Moreover, “Drag and drop clips and photos in the order you like. Trim clips with ease. Adjust exposure. Auto Mix ducks music volume during dialogue, while Smart Volume evens out audio levels.”

Giving your movie a professional look:

You can add

  • Titles.
  • slo-mo,
  • transitions effects,
  • adjust the lighting

Moreover, Clip lets you post your completed masterpiece to your favorite social sites

“Making dynamic videos couldn’t be simpler.”

It’s a nifty app that’ll let beginners make professional looking videos.

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